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 AMHA  Homozygous Filly


   Just what you would expect from Lil Hoofbeats Farm. We do it right,  and we do it in Black and White!!

    Well, Seance has out done herself again this year ,  another stunning filly byUnderwoods Tuxedo Tattoo!  Here is a super little filly for your showstring, small, refined, gorgeous head and neck, and yes,  spectacular color. This filly has several "paw" prints and has potential to be homozygous for the pinto gene. 2200.00. 

SOLD Thank you David 



















AMHA Filly 

Sold Thank you Koral

      Wow what an offering! This bold colored filly is by National Top Ten Stallion, Nostalgias Whistleblower, and out of Lil Hoofbeats Mighty Windchimes, a  direct grandaughter of Johnsons Super Charger! Both parents are black splash overos, with absolutely NOtobiano genetics involved!  This outstanding filly is showy with lots of attitude, and the right amount of focus to put you where you want to be. She has absolutely correct arabian conformation, with a dished head, tiny well set ears, perfect bite, and of course exotic blue eyes!  Let this filly take you to the top, then retire her to the breeding shed where she will be an outstanding color producer! 3500.00  





    What a Sweetheart! This filly is out of Lucky Stars Lola, and By National Top Ten Stallion Nostalgias Whistleblower! She has a small pretty araby head, with a tea cup muzzel, and a long upright neck. She will mature  around 27-28 inches. She has refinement that is rarely seen on such a tiny foal. She exibits all the qualities we are looking for in todays Miniature Horse. Size,  conformation, beauty, refinement, color, and a wonderful pedigree!! She has  it all!! , If you are looking for quality in a small package You cant go wrong here!!!

Sold Thankyou Morganton Long Term Care





Sold to Randy and Penny ketterman




AMHA Appaloosa Filly

     Not exactly what you would expect from Lil Hoofbeats, but we are thrilled to offer this little colorful filly to the discriminating appaloosa breeder. She is a showy young filly with great conformation, and a tail flagging trot! What a gorgeous head and upright neck she has!

        To be as tiny as she is, the balance is increadable. She is expected to mature about 27 inches, and will be an exciting addition to any appaloosa breeding program. If you are serious about breeding appaloosa's, dont miss this colorful young filly!! 3500.00 Sold To a good friend in CA! 






                                                                                                                                      Spectacular is the best description for this   black splash white overo colt! A beautiful head and eye top off the presence and attitude of this colt to make him a great show prospect. His quality is no accident. His style and and type is backed by a very sound pedigree of outstanding horses. His dam is Kit Kat Boogie, who is by a son of Lazy N Boogerman, and out of a Hemlock Brooks Silver Legend daughter! His sire is National Top Ten stallion Nostalgias Whistleblower! He will be an out standing choice for the breeder that is wanting to produce exotic color, as well as conformation and pedigree. Let him win for you in the show ring, and later pay for himself  by producing loud splash overo offspring. Like Him? Inquire! SOLD







                            AMHA/AMHR Filly

                                 Sold Thank you Ron Woodby



                                                AMHA Buckskin Mare 

Sold! Thankyou Rivendell 


   Darmonds Summer Girl  A 85619 is a lovely broodmare, with a super topline. She has an excellent pedigree, as she is a double bred Mcraes Mr GG grandaughter. Mcraes Mr GG  is the 1986 National Champion Senior Stallion in the 30 and under class. The smallest class at that time. Mr. GG was sired by Sligo Little Stormy, who is also the sire of Driving Legend Dels Cowboy. \

Summer is an easy breeder and easy foaler. She consistantly produces refined show  quality foals with nice dispositions. She sells Ultrasounded in foal to National Top Ten Stallion Nostalgias Whistleblower. Just a mare you wish you had a pasture full  of!


Lil Hoofbeats A Touch Of Nostalgia

     "Isabella"  has an excellent pedigree with her sire being a National Top Ten stallion, Nostalgias Whistleblower, and out of Rising Sun Miniatures Summer,  by Candylands Candyman, half brother to Candylands Best Kept Secret, and a direct son of Mustardseeds Legionairs Hi Roller! This wonderfully marked filly shows the classic"splash" pattern, with a  gorgeous araby head, and wonderful topline. 

Sold Thank you Pam




AMHA/AMHR Black and White Colt


 This beautiful boy is a natural show quality colt wiht a long neck and high head set and that "look at me" attitude. His dam is Havencrofts Heart of the Night, who is a Maternal sister to two Hall of Fame Champions, Circle S Billy Cadberry,and K-Dee's Sir Gentry, and a daughter to AMHR Superior Dam, Night Lady. He is sired by  Underwoods Tuxedo Tattoo, who is a Little Kings Napolean Grandson. If you are looking for your next show colt, or future Herd Sire, this colt could put you where you want to be! Champions produce Champions, and this colt is no exception. SOLD




2010 Black Overo Filly AMHA 

  Sold! Thank you Pam



Splash Overo Colt AMHA/AMHR

 sold Thankyou Ryan and Kellie.




Lil Hoofbeats Orphan Annie AMHA

      There is a very special story for this very special filly . Alot of people have followed Annies tragedy .  Many of you watched Annies birth on Mare Stare. It was a hard dilevery, as Annies head was down and after several anxious miniutes, she was repositioned and delivered. Her mother became quite ill, and had to have  medical assistance twice during the last few days before Annie was born.  

    Unfortunately we were unable to save the life of Annies mother, and she became an orphan before she was 24 hours old.  She presevered, and has grown into a delightful weanling.  



AMHA/AMHR Tiny Overo Filly






 AMHA COLT Sold Thankyou

Black and White Blue Eyed Filly AMHA/AMHR

sold Thankyou Marilyn! Ca


Homozygous Splash Filly AMHA sold Thankyou Rima


Black Splash Filly AMHA Sold


Splash White Colt AMHA/AMHR Sold



LIL Hoofbeats Lady In Red AMHA 33.75





Sabino Overo Colt TINY SOLD


Bay Pinto Filly AMHA Sold Olivio UK



 Black and White AMHA/AMHR Colt sold to Wyoming



Homozygous Black Splash Colt AMHA/AMHR Sold 

   Grulla Filly AMHA/AMHR





 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Mare


       Ten LS Spirits Gold Charm A 108719. This pretty little buckskin mare standing only 29.00 inches is sired by Ten L Echos Captive Spirtit. 

        Ten L Echos Captive Spirtit. was the 1998 AMHA Reserve National Champion Stallion 28" and Under, with a total of six AMHA National Top Tens. Spirit was the 1998 AMHR National Champion Stallion 28" and Under, 1998 Reserve National Champion Solid Color Stallion, and 1999 AMHR Reserve National Champion Stallion 28" and Under. "Spirit" is sired by Little Kings Buck Echo, 1994 National Grand Champion.

        " Gidget" as she is lovingly called, is a very well bred and balanced broodmare who sells ultrasounded in foal to a  29 inch homozygous stallion for a 2011 early foal. If you like small, well bred horses that have color to boot, then this mare will be a valuable investment to your breeding program. Offered at 1500.00 or best offer.SOLD



                        Homozygous Splash Overo Colt AMHA

When Something wonderful happens, people say "It must be magic!" Thats just What we think this colt is, MAGICAL! He has a solid pedigree,and is out of Lil Hoofbeats  Premonition, and by National Top Ten Stallion, Nostalgias Whistleblower!  A stunning head,  long upright neck, flat croup, combined with his loud color, make this colt a top show prospect, and later an irreplaceable color producer, and future breeding stallion for the discriminateing Miniature Horse Enthusiast. Surely he carries the overo gene with his exotic blue eyes! A spectacular future is in store for this top of the line colt. SOLD!  







 AMHA/AMHR Sabino Filly

  This is an extremely nice young filly with the legends of the breed behind her. She is out of Sunrise Sahara, who is by a grandson of Little Kings Napolean, and Yellow Diamond Little Feather. Her sire is Gens Bobby a grandson of Boones Little Andy!  She has a short dished araby head , with tiny, almost non-existent  tight set ears, that are so typical of the "Andy" bloodline. She sports a long upright neck that sets on a laid back shoulder which has become a neccessity in todays show arena. This filly has the typical Sabino coloring with the dorsal stripe down her back, and an "off center" star. As she matures, she is sure to get the lovely sabino ticking that her mother has. This filly will compliment any show string, and later become a treasured broodmare. She is offered at SOLD.


AMHA Black and White Filly 



AMHA/AMHR Black & White 

     Well, Crystal has out done herself again this year ,  another stunning colt by Underwoods Tuxedo Tattoo!  Here is a super little colt for your showstring, tiny, refined, gorgeous head and neck, and yes, spectacular color. This colt has several "paw" prints and has potential to be homozygous for the pinto gene.

      This colts sire is an own son of Scott Creek Tattoo, who is by Little Kings Napolean, his mother is by Grazing Meadows Last Chance, by Smithdeals Apache Kids Desperado. This outstanding colt has great potential and can become a "Black and White Tickett to Success !"  NFS 

            Pintaloosa Colt, Sold Thankyou Kaelin






AMHA Black & White Filly maturing under 28


    What a colorful filly in a TINY package!! She is out of the beautiful mare Sassy D, and by LTD Color Clue, by LTD Color Broker, who now resides over seas. This awsome filly sports a  small , dished,  Araby head with an upright neck, that ties into a laid back shoulder.  And of course, loads of color to spare! She is a tiny girl maturing about 28 inches or less. She will be a great show prospect for the person wanting a 28 or under show mare , and later become an awsome color producer for the descriminateing breeder.

offered at 2500.00 SOLD, Ca




2010  Filly AMHA


      Wow it doesn't get much better than this! A gorgeous filly by a direct son of Glenns General Patton, Three Time National Champion Get of Sire Winner - Tied only with Boones Little Buckeroo, and out of a direct daughter of Lazy N Boogerman!!! Boogie is the son of the immortal, Rowdy.  Rowdy is one of the most sought after bloodline and has also produced many well known National Champions such as: Rowdys Charm, NFC Rowdys Gem, NFC Rowdys Bold Tradition, NFC Rowdys Standing Ovation and NFC Rowdys Champion. Boogie has sired Champions himself such as Glenns Southern Legend and Grosshills Boogermans Fine Line. Champions produce champions, and with these bloodlines you cant go wrong! offered at 3500.00 Sold












AMHA Filly 

         What  a gorgeous black sabino filly! The color possibilities are endless with the sabino gene, they are great outcrosses to frame and splash genetics to get the loud color so desirable in todays Miniature Horse market. This dynamic young filly has a nice topline accentuated by a laid back shoulder, so neccessary for the most up and coming Miniature Horse, the  driving horse!. This filly could be your next top driving horse, then retire her to the breeding shed to produce the loud slash/frame/sabino horses that are so popular with the modern Miniature Horse enthusiast !  SOLD


AMHA/AMHR Pintaloosa Filly

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sissy has done it AGAIN!!!! What a Gorgeous Filly! This was one we had been waiting for since May of this year. Well, I guess she really was worth the wait!!!

      After much anticipation, this awsome girl was born at 10:30 PM on July 25. She she was out and had her head up before i could even make it to the stall.  Her mother is one of our best brodmares, and we are quite sure this lovely young filly will follow in her mothers hoofsteps.

SOLD, Thankyou Lisa and Oakley






 Direct daughter of Lazy N Boogerman


                                                       What a broodmare! This mare had her first foal unattended, as we were trying to get our cameras up and running.  Golden Meadows Satin Doll is a direct daughter of Lazy N Boogerman. Boogie is the son of the immortal, Rowdy.  Rowdy is one of the most sought after bloodline and has also produced many well known National Champions such as: Rowdys Charm, NFC Rowdys Gem, NFC Rowdys Bold Tradition, NFC Rowdys Standing Ovation and NFC Rowdys Champ.   Boogerman himself has won 1st place 131 times, Grand Champion 92 times and many other Supreme halter and High Point Halter.  He was 1992 National Grand Champion Senior Stallion.  This making him the "Winningest Horse in AMHA history".   Satin Doll is a paternal sister to  Champions  such as Glenns Southern Legend and Grosshills Boogermans Fine Line.  Quality will tell and goes on telling generation after generation. Rowdy died in 1990 at the age of 17, but the show records of his future generations are still being written. This 33 inch young, proven mare will be an asset to you whether you are starting out or a vetran of the breed. Offered open or bred back to the stallion of your choice.  

SOLD Thankyou Rivendell Farm


 Toylands Little TradeWind AMHA/AMHR

       .  SOLD Thankyou Randy&Penny




  Crestviews Little Running Feather AMHA/AMHR

Sold! Thankyou Rivendell